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Tournament Rules

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Posted 27 April 2011 - 12:57 AM

Tournament types:
a) Individual: Each entrant is responsible for his or her own catch, and must keep that catch separate from others who may be competing with them. Each entrant's catch shall be measured separately, and winnings shall be paid to individuals, not teams.
b) Pick your partner: Each entrant will be responsible for selecting a tournament partner or partners, to create a tournament team. This team's catch shall be measured in its totality, and winnings shall be paid to the team, to be divided as the team sees fit.
c) Draw for partner: Occasionally, the Co-Directors will utilize a "Draw for Partner" format for a tournament. What this entails is that a tournament starts as an "Individual" tournament as described above, and then, either immediately before or after the weigh in, a draw will be conducted, pairing up partners randomly. The weights, lengths, spots, etc. of the two individuals will then be added together to determine the winning teams.
d) Prepay only: Each entrant shall be responsible for ensuring that his/her tournament registration fee and side pot, if applicable, is paid at least 24 hours prior to the start of said tournament. Payments may be sent in the mail or made via Paypal at our website. These tournaments shall not have a check in at launch time, and as such, the mandatory check in rule mentioned below shall not apply. Entrants are free to launch/fish/shrimp anywhere they choose. A Co-Director shall post a list of all entrants prior to each tournament. Only those persons on that list shall be allowed to participate in the weigh in.
e) Special: Tournaments that do not fall easily into one of the above categories, such as Kid's Tournaments or June on the Lagoon, shall be deemed to be "Special", and the format for these tournaments shall be decided on an individual basis, as determined by club needs.
General Tournament Rules:

During individual tournaments and pick your partner tournaments, a club member may invite nonmembers to participate in the tournament, however, that member shall be responsible for that guest, insuring that the guest pay tournament dues, harvest only legal game and follow club rules. Those tournaments determined to fall into the category of "Special", shall be considered individually to determine if non-club members will be allowed.

The ISAA believes that children constitute the future of the club, and as such, we allow and encourage our members to bring children to our events. If a child participates in a team event, that child's catch may be included as part of the team total. If a child participates in an individual event, that child must keep their catch separate from the other participants. A child shall be considered to be any event participant less than 16 years of age. No tournament fees shall be collected from any child, however, except for kid's tournaments; no child shall be eligible for placing in a tournament. For the sake of safety, any child participating in a club event must remain under the control of the club member who brought the child, or their designee.

The ideal size for a tournament team shall be two members per boat; however, it may occasionally be necessary to create larger or smaller teams. No special dispensations such as extra weight or reduced weight shall be given to teams that do not meet the ideal size. In an individual tournament, a boater may have as many persons on their boat as is deemed safe and legal. All boats utilized in an ISAA tournament must conform to USCG safety standards.

The tournament directors shall determine the times for launching and weigh in for each tournament. Being present at both the check in and the weigh in is mandatory for participation in any club tournament, with the exception of Prepay tournaments. The Co-Directors will have a representative at the designated check in location at least 1 hour prior to the check in time.

Typically, any entrant failing to be at a launch or weigh in on time shall be disqualified from that tournament. The tournament directors may grant special exceptions on an individual basis. Situations that might be eligible for this exception include vehicle/vessel breakdown. To request an exception to this rule, the member in question must contact a tournament director prior to the time of the launch or weigh in. Due to liability, safety and accountability needs, pre-launch check-ins shall be mandatory, unless a tournament director has granted a specific exception. Any entrant who fails to sign up at the tournament's designated launch site, and has not been granted an exception, shall not be eligible for that tournament's weigh in. If an entrant needs to leave prior to the tournament weigh in, that entrant must contact a tournament director, advising that they have to leave early. That entrant may then elect to have their harvest judged. It shall be the responsibility of that entrant to arrange a meeting with that tournament director at a location deemed reasonable by the tournament director, with the emphasis being placed on not disturbing the tournament director's fishing/shrimping experience. At that point, the entrant's harvest shall be weighed/measured, and recorded for announcement at the weigh in. If that entrant places in the tournament, the treasurer shall make arrangements to ensure they receive their winnings.

The mandatory check in rule also applies to participants utilizing the prepaid tickets. Anyone who pre pays & launches at a different spot other than the check in area must still physically check in at the designated location. Checking in by telephone is no longer permitted. Again, this does not apply to prepay tournaments.

The ISAA actively promotes safe and legal boating and harvesting. Any tournament participant found to be in violation of Florida law concerning the harvesting of any species, shall immediately be disqualified from that tournament, and shall forfeit any funds paid for that tournament. Each entrant shall be responsible for maintaining current knowledge concerning these laws. Any tournament participant cited by any law enforcement agency for a violation of boating regulations during a tournament shall be disqualified from that tournament. Boating safety regulations may be found at http://floridaconser...afe/default.htm and harvest information may be found at http://marinefisheries.org

Each tournament shall be directed towards a specific species, however, nothing shall be implied which may cause an entrant to believe that they cannot catch/keep species not listed in a tournament. Only those species listed in the tournament description shall be eligible for weigh in.

The ISAA supports catch and release; however, we were unable to determine an equitable means of awarding bonuses for the live release of fish. The decision to release a fish back into its ecosystem, thereby helping to preserve the future of the sport, must be made by each individual, not for the purpose of increasing an anglers chances of winning a tournament, but because that angler believes that it is the moral thing to do. During a multi-species tournament, it may come about that an angler harvests a fish that they do not intend to eat. The ISAA maintains a policy that no fish shall go to waste, and towards that goal, our club has solicited requests from needy families who have asked that any otherwise unwanted fish be brought to them for consumption.

These rules are subject to change or temporary alteration, without notice, if deemed necessary by the club president, vice president or tournament directors.

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